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Muse Works is a fusion of artistic movement and human development. Created by Crystal Derry in 2016, in a moment of inspiration where she realized the connection between two of her passions. Crystal Derry has a background in Fine Art, Photography, Kinesiology, Sports Psychology and Personal Development. As an artist Crystal's niche is art in motion which complements her education in Kinesiology, the study of human movement. She obtained her degree in Kinesiology from the University of Saskatchewan. Crystal has a 3 year certificate in Transpersonal Psychotherapy.

"What is Transpersonal therapy? Transpersonal therapy is a holistic healing intervention that evolved from the humanistic work of American psychologist Abraham Maslow in the 1960s. It integrates traditional spiritual rituals into modern psychology and emphasizes positive influences and role models rather than concentrating on negative experiences. This intervention is based on the idea that humans are more than mind and body but are also composed of intangible, or transcendent, factors that make up the whole person. Just as your mind and body sometimes require treatment, your spirituality and other intangible aspects of yourself often require healing of a sort. A transpersonal therapist may draw from a variety of different religions and spiritual practices for tools and methods that can help you explore various levels of consciousness and use your spirituality to guide you through troubled times."

- Psychology Today

About Crystal Derry

The best way I can describe myself, is that I am a Compassionate Mover!

I love creating movement and compassion in my own life and I want to introduce you to the freedom you can experience through getting to know and love your body. I have been an artist and athlete since I was a young child, falling in love drawing and soccer. After an knee injury and reconstructive surgery at age 16, my perspective on movement shifted. Throughout my rehab from surgery I fell in love with anything having to do with anatomy, physiology, I decided to study Kinesiology at the University of Saskatchewan. I did most of my research in injury prevention and mental training. Throughout my studies I lost touch with my art, it was in recent years that I have had the opportunity to reconnect with painting and art.

Soon after finishing my Kinesiology degree I was fortunate enough to be taught by some amazing mentors and quickly fell in love with strength training. I started instructing CrossFit classes, and soon after started competing in Olympic weightlifting. Not only did I appreciate how much weightlifting challenged me physically, the technical aspects of weightlifting requires body awareness, flexibility, mobility which is this beautiful combination of strength and fluidity I also loved how mentally challenging this sport has been. I have had to create an arsenal of mentally training, compassion, self love, surrender and many more techniques to assist me through my training but also these skills have applied to my life. The skills I have honed over the years can be applied to so many areas of life when you are facing challenges.

Recently I have finished my education in Transpersonal Psychology and I am a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor, as I was going through my schooling and developing a deeper understanding of the mind, emotions and the soul I started weaving this work into my training and have realized how valuable this work really is in transforming your life. I have had the opportunity to reconnect with my artwork and creativity which has been amazing work for my soul and helped me realize how important it is to feed you soul. I have met amazing individuals who have aided in the expansion of my knowledge of the body, mind and soul.

I am now stepping into the next chapter of my career as a Coach, creating programs, hosting workshops, and creating a loving space to empower you.

My mission is to create freedom and the best way I can do that, is through empowering you to learn how to heal yourself!

Becoming educated on what is going on in your body, physically, emotionally and mentally is the most powerful piece of knowledge for establishing health and well-being! 

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